Our research of the current situation involving Notices of Cancellation has enabled us to develop a system that provides a solution for your needs.
Recent Changes to Acord Form Cause and Effect

This article, whose main contributor is Deborah A. Tauro, ARM, discusses, "The recent changes ACORD has made to their Certificate forms have caused quite a stir in the Risk Management community. There has been a lot of discussion and questions regarding the use of or even the validity of Certificates of Insurance."


One of the main changes involving cancellation notices states, "The fill-in field for the number of days should be removed because the amount of advance notice required is governed by the policy and the carrier’s own practices. Many policies contain multiple cancellation notice provisions, i.e. 10 days for cancellation due to non-payment and 30, 60, or 90 days for other reasons. Therefore, one fill-in box would not be sufficient to fully represent the provisions in the policy as well as regulatory requirements."  Follow this link to read the full article.

Insurance Certificate Notice of Cancellation Conundrum

Cary White of CertainCert discussed in their blog about notices of cancellation.  She states, "Many certificate holders want 30 or more days notice of cancellation in the event of cancellation of the coverage listed on a certificate. Such notice is entirely understandable. Every insurance certificate is only a record of the insurance purchased by the named insured when the coverage was bound (as of the effective date). It is entirely possible that a certificate holder may request, receive and accept a valid insurance certificate only to find out later that the coverage had been subsequently cancelled or the insurance limits had been eroded or exhausted by a claim." 


She goes on to state that, "If the certificate holder wants notice from the insurer, the notice requirement should be in writing and part of the contract with the insured and the certificate holder should request an endorsement or other proof of the specific notice required and no longer rely on the insurance certificate for this purpose."   Follow this link to read the full article.