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It is very common, in the normal course of business, for insureds to sign contracts in which they obligate themselves to provide certain types and amounts of insurance and to sending a Certificate of Insurance to evidence that contractual insurance requirements have been met.  Usually included with this obligation is the requirement that notice be sent to the certificate holder if any of the required coverages are cancelled. Failure to provide the necessary coverage or notices of cancellation can create a breach of contract for which the insured and the agent who issued the certificate may be sued, as well as the insurer that issued policy.


Insureds are turning to their agents; agents are turning to the insurance companies and insurance companies are either not willing to provide such service or are charging up to $250 or more per certificate holder.  Agents and brokers are also being faced with the inability to provide such service as well due to their own E&O issues or the lack of manpower to handle the task at hand.


This is where We-Notify steps in to help. We-Notify has developed an innovative third party notification system to help meet the needs of insureds, agents, brokers, and insurance companies by providing courtesy notifications to certificate holders.  These notices are sent to the insured, their certificate holders and the agent. The goal is to assist agents and brokers in helping their insureds remain compliant with contract requirements, all at a very nominal cost.