Courtesy Notifications

Courtesy Notifications are intended to meet certificate holder's requirements to provide Notices of Cancellation and Notices of Reinstatement. The Courtesy Notice is issued and distributed based on the individual policy's Notice of Cancellation requirements held in the insured's policy.


Once an official Notice of Cancellation has been received and documented by, and the prescribed number of days has been reached, a Courtesy Notification of Cancellation will be prepared and sent to all of the Insured's certificate holders, the Agent, and the Insured. Should the policy be reinstated, a Courtesy Notification of Reinstatement will be sent out to the same parties.


If, however, the Notice of Cancellation has been received and documented and Notice of Reinstatement has been received prior to the deadline for sending the Courtesy Notice of Cancellation, although the information and documentation has been recorded, no Courtesy Notice will be sent.